Why are we happy to raise our daughter in the US?

Being a French mom of on American baby is compelling. There are many aspects of why her dad and I are proud to be raising a dual citizen, bilingual, multicultural baby. You might  think I am lucky to have the French parenting given to myself. Actually, I feel even luckier having French and American parenting offered to me.

French mothers have the keys to have calm and/or maybe obedient children. It gives them the opportunity to be back on track, socially, fashionably, professionally etc.

This is what I found very interesting with American parenting. It includes the mother wellness differently than in France. US mamas know how to step back and relax.  In France, their peace of mind comes from the baby’s behavior.

You give yourself no pressure whatsoever. Go grocery shopping in your PJ’s? Not a problem. Stay at home doing nothing? Not a problem. No makeup or hairdo? Not a problem. It is all about enjoying every second with your baby.

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If there is one thing I have learned from American parenting, it is the importance of community. I discovered it when I was pregnant and took advantage of it once I had my baby. Once again, it’s all about letting it go and mother’s comfort.

Seeking support is not something French moms do. They must show that everything is under control.

I first was skeptical about sharing my (potentially bad) experiences and meltdowns. When I started getting involved in communities…. I felt so much better as a mother, wife and woman. It is extremely good to express things out. Even better, sharing is rewarding. For you and others. It is a generous act that brings so much for so many including you.

Plus, I am an ardent believer of: Cool mom, cool baby. If you feel good your baby feels good. It’s a cycle.

There is an issue a lot of American mothers complain about: maternity leave. There is no paid leave in the US, 16 weeks minimum in France. Yes, that is awesome and you should have it too. But, I found that it gives you this warrior power French mothers do not necessarily have. They take the paid leave for granted and even complain not to have enough. I know your situation is not ideal and it must change, but you are hungry for it ! You have this je ne sais quoi that makes you want to enjoy your time with baby much more differently. I love it.

I personally, cannot work. So it was not like I had a choice. Even if I suffered from it a few years back, you American mamas taught me how to feel lucky to have the opportunity to be with my daughter every day. I thank you for that.

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The inner creative part of me is so excited. American parenting brings so much creativity to little ones. Every minor aspect of your life is an opportunity to do/make something creative with them. You may not be aware of it, but this is not the same elsewhere.

It is not only about creativity.

American parents know how to lead the way to where their kids belong and in what they will be happier.

It helps them choose what they like the most and what they are good at.

It is essential for a kid’s balanced and future. This makes every kid unique for a better life.

But neither of them is perfect. Both parenting styles have their pros and cons and do not forget that grass is alway greener on the other side.

With love,



2 thoughts on “Why are we happy to raise our daughter in the US?

  1. What a fascinating perspective!
    I’ve often thought that mothers abroad are so lucky to have so much time off, but you really put it into light for me. Community is everything. My (mom) friends will not judge me because I chose not to do my makeup one day but instead do art with my children. And they are also there to help me, should I need it 🙂

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