How we prepare our daughter to be strong

The day of our wedding, my dad gave a very powerful speech. The kind that, as a bride, daughter, wife and mom, I will never forget. Each and every one of his words went under my skin, spreading chills.

Part of it was about the woman I had become, from his point of view. “Yesterday the rebel kid, you have today developed into a determined woman, who carefully completes everything she undertakes. You impress me when I see the perfectionism you implement to meet your ambitions


I had the happiest childhood surrounded by my parents and two siblings. My father is a businessman and my mother quit her career to take care of us. Only when you become a mother yourself you understand what it takes and what it means. I feel kind of ashamed not to have realized before. Because she has done and does so much for us.

My sister, brother and myself have been raised with authority. Of course with tons of love and a touch of craziness. Add to that an intense and long ballet training amongst the best ballet schools in Paris. I can pretty much admit I am comfortable with strictness.

In a society where authority over children is far from being popular, weakness/fragility/easiness have become a trend.

Manners, politeness and courtesy don’t exist anymore. Why? Because it takes courage to teach them. Also, some parents think it is hurtful.

How responding to rules a kid can be, if he is constantly pleased since the early age?

By fear of “traumatizing” a baby, too many parents renounce too easily. First, they please any manifestation of dissatisfaction, becoming whines, tantrums, requirements, and orders, as the kid grows.

  • What will be tomorrow’s society if this growing generation doesn’t know what discipline is?
  • What will they be like as adults?
  • Will they be happy?
  • How will they handle hard times, crisis and life’s challenges?

I cannot be more thankful to my parents for raising me the way they did. Part of it is the understanding of discipline. Because it goes beyond respect and politeness.

Discipline brings strength.

It helped and still helps me. I have become this strong woman able to easily overcome any challenges and what I call “accidents of life”. It helps me go forward and rebound.

I am happy, balanced and proud to handle life the way I do. I did not cheat to be where I am today and to be who I am.

I like to fight hard to reach my goals.

These are the reasons why my husband and I are raising our daughter following the same path. Nothing in life is free. Offering her the tools to be strong, is the best promise we can make to her.

With love,



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