When mother means superhero

And here we are ladies, Mothers.

Mothers of one. Mothers of two..three…four, boys, girls…

Before we got pregnant, we had no idea what mother meant, what it takes of course, and what they are. Mothers are not like any other human being.

From the day we give birth and the following months, we have this need to share and express what we feel and what we go through. Like if we were the very first woman on this planet to experience motherhood. Reason why there are so many moms communities.


A “new us” emerged when giving birth to our babies.

This is what makes us so special, so unique.

This “new us” is the same version of ourself but stronger and reckless. Strength makes us do things we never thought capable of doing.

Becoming a Mother is a regeneration

Now being in the motherhood sphere, I understood we need help and support to start and overcome the beginning of the new path, the “new us”.

It has always been this way. If you look back generations ago, women from the same family lived together to support each other’s (grand-mother, mother, daughter, granddaughter). Some cultures still live this way actually.

This is how strong the change is. A new Mother needs to be sustained, like her child is. Not in the same way of course.

Any regeneration is a complex process. Becoming a Mother is a regeneration and mine initiated a superhero version of me. I suddenly had so much power. Is it love power? Hormones power? or a mix of both…., I don’t know. But I am strong and invincible.

It’s not a choice, it’s a state.

  • I will do whatever it takes to protect my daughter.
  • I will do whatever it takes to make her happy.
  • I will surpass, sacrifice myself in her best interests.

I want her to have the best example as she grows. So I will set higher goals and fight even harder to reach them.

“Be at my best and beyond, like never before”. Add all the responsibilities and tasks a Mother is in charge of… . It relates to a superhero kind of life! Don’t you agree?

We, Mothers, are vigorous, tenacious, tough, durable, energetic, forceful, loving… , this list is way too long to continue.

A lot of new Mothers often initiate new, big projects. Our life does not only change because we have a baby to take care of. It changes because we reconsider everything. If not, it can also be a time of awareness. We suddenly clearly identify what we want and what we don’t want. More than ever.

We are strong but fortunately not perfect, nobody is. We are not done making mistakes, smaller ones and bigger ones, in a wide variety of areas.

My mother found the best way to claim she did and does her best for us, conceding in a very “Mother way” mistakes she made:  

“I have always loved you and still does from the bottom of my heart. It just sometimes is a clumsy love”.

This is to me, the most perfect definition of what motherhood is all about.

Keep it up superHeroes!

With love,


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