Those 5 steps will help you handle any crisis

Isn’t this picture already making you feel better?

Now, breeze, relax, and read this.

We all go through episodes in life that require skills and experience to be properly handled. It can be a matter of hours, days or months depending on what we are dealing with. But it always challenges our nerves. Here is how I manage my episodes:

  1. Self-control

The most important, yet difficult, is to not do or say something you can regret. This is the first but hardest part of the process. It requires a good sense of self-control that can be gained overtime. If you do not possess it, you would need to work on it.

I am certainly not gifted with such a wisdom. I like to think of what the consequences would be if I followed my impulsions. 

Ignorance is bliss. Anything you say and do can and will be used against you. Life does overall a good job in getting what you ask for. Karma will do the rest for you.

  1. Breeze

Once you managed to deal with the first stage, try to think about breezing. I am not a spiritual person but I have learned through yoga and hypnobirthing the power of doing it.

It makes your mind focus on something else for a moment. It also does good things to your body and mind by releasing tense muscles, lowering blood-pressure and making your mind work better.

  1. Go get some fresh air

The crisis is not over yet but it might be a good time to take a break.

Time to get some fresh air. Do whatever you feel like doing alone. Go for walk, shopping, work, gateway…

Recharge the batteries and temporize. You are close to figuring if you did a good job or not at controlling yourself. Simply enjoy this time. This is an opportunity for you to relax. Try not to think about the roller coaster you are in. It’s not because you are not consciously working on it that no work is done.

  1. Think and analyse

The storm is potentially behind now. You found some peace of mind and eventually confessed to close ones that advised you on this matter.

It’s now time to step back and analyse what happened. Why and how did it happened? Looking at the outcomes will help you find out if you went too far and/or did good.

Stage 4 is also good to consider compromising.

  1. Wait and see

The last stage is like the first one: a work on yourself. Whatever the analysis end up being, try to take the best of it. Make this negative episode into a positive experience for you. You will get better at it overtime and learn from your mistakes.

Unfortunately you will have to go through other crises. Smaller and sometimes bigger ones. Wait until the next one to see how better you got.

I honestly don’t know if this is giving to anybody, but I like to become a witness of my own life and learn from what just happened. Either by following my instinct or by stepping-in the meditation after a long period of questioning. I always spend time trying to look at what I did, from someone else’s perspective. I hope you can do it too.

I wish you to be happy wherever you are in your life.

With love,



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