Yes we are hoping for quadruplets asap !

How are you ? Have you seen the news ? How is life with your kid(s) ? When are you planning on having another baby?

It mostly happens like that, from unexpected people. Am I the only one being annoyed by that ?  

It started when our daughter was not even 6 months old. My body hadn’t recovered yet from the pregnancy. And of course, the more your little one grows the more you are being asked THE question. Like if we were babies maker machine expected to be super efficient and productive !

In the middle of a random weather conversation people would come up with the subject. Most of the time you don’t know what to answer, not really prepared to argue about it. You would  think that people would be pleased with a simple yes or no? No, no,no ! You have to develop a whole thesis on that matter. Especially if you picked the most neutral answer “I don’t know…, not now”.

You also have the ones that know better than you.

“You will have another one, in about a year, I am sure ! ”

Or the ones that tell you what you should do.

“Your first is going to feel so lonely if you leave her by herself. You MUST have another one, quickly, faster… !“

Thank you all very much for your inputs but, this is no one’s business.

I have only one kid ( Duh… I know… When am I planning a second one ?! ) but I assume whatever the number of kids you have, you will always have to justify your choice to stop having kids or not.

More seriously, I find that impersonal and intrusive.

It is such an intimate decision, discussed privately when the couple feels ready to. It takes so many aspects of our life into consideration, from our environnement, financial, professional  situation and more importantly our desire.

Remember you can always avoid it by simply using humor as a shield. You may say you are hoping for quadruplets asap, just to…spice it up a little. 🙂

With love,



5 thoughts on “Yes we are hoping for quadruplets asap !

  1. I love this post! I have one and I plan on keeping that way. If I change my mind, it will be up to my family & me to let people know when we decide to. If not, I’m going to keep hearing this for the rest of my life. (“Oh, just one?”) Also there are people who are trying to get pregnant and can’t, and thats a terrible inquiry for them to have to answer. I’m just going to start answering “that’s personal” #noapologies


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