How to… baby fashion

If you are obsessed with baby fashion you might like what I am about to share. I am often asked where I dress our daughter. I try to share the brands as much as I can on my instagram account @choux.nco but not everyone is on it and it is dispatched here and there.

If you want a little head’s up on French baby fashion, I was asked by another mama blogger to write a post about the basics:

I don’t dress Elizabeth as a classic French baby though. I am more eclectic. My favorite brands are from all over the world.

Let’s face it, many are high end brands but I am obsessed at getting what I want, and would spend a tremendous amount of time digging the internet to find the best prices.


These three brands are way more expensive in the US than in France. They have their own US branches, you can find stores in big cities. This means the consumer pays for the import…


Petit Bateau

Bonpoint (luxurious brand)

     Those ones are more interesting, you buy in France, they ship to you:


Louis Louise

Poudre Organic

Louise Misha (they make women clothes as well so you can match with you little one(s) )


Gray Label


Tocoto Vintage



Rylee and cru (made in USA)

Oeuf NYC

Janie and Jack

Alice and Ames (made in USA)


Most of the shoes I buy in Europe:

Sea salt sandals have really cute sandals and are carried everywhere in the US.

If you are too busy to look at all of these websites, here are some good online retailers that carry many of the brands mentioned above: (based in France, ships worldwide) (USA based) (USA based)

My tips:

I have found eastern europe (reliable) websites that have great sales prices:

If you are comfortable with buying second hand, look on instagram with the hashtag #shopmybabycloset or on ebay for the brand you are looking for.

“Shop my closet” is extremely popular in France and is getting there in the US. I have my own account if you happen to have a younger daughter than ours: @elizabeths.lil.closet on Instagram.

It pretty much sums it all. Please feel free to ask or/and share below.

With love,




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