Who I am

My husband and I met in Paris nearly a decade ago. We lived there, 10mn from the Eiffel Tower for two years. We decided to start  a new adventure and picked Pasadena, CA as our destination.

We planned the sweetest wedding on the beach of Santa Monica and lived the California dream for 4 years. Pregnant with Elizabeth, we decided to get closer to our family and moved to the East Coast in the suburbs of Boston.

But there is no place like home. Home for us is Southern California, where we feel good and happy. After 2 years, we are back for good!

I feel lucky to have lived and still live this journey, from two different cultures: French and American. It sure brings something special in the way we see things and raise our daughter.

She is an exceptional open minded and social toddler, as she has always been. It probably comes from her cosmopolitan roots.

I am happy to share it with you.

With love,




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