Soft like a French baby’s bottom | make your own liniment lotion

I have been using regular baby wipes until my daughter had a bad diaper rash and yeast infection that no diaper rash cream would help ease. She was prescribed Lotrimin for it and she is on cortisone cream for her (light) eczema for 2 months now. Neither of them have been conclusive and I started feeling uncomfortable applying such creams on her daily.

As I follow french moms groups, I often hear about liniment lotion. It is a popular natural preparation a lot of French mothers use on their babies’ skin. Even Though it is sold as wipes and lotion in France, many like to make their own.


Uses for baby

  • Cleansing lotion for babies’ diaper area,
  • No need additional water or rinsing,
  • Helps fighting against acidic urine,
  • Cleans baby’s face. Use it like any other wipes,
  • Moisturizing lotion,
  • Massage lotion,
  • Helps reduce cradle cap (apply liniment on the desired area 10-15mn before shampoo your baby’s hair),
  • Helps reducing eczema,

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