Why Choux n Co?

It is in reality one chou and many choux.

Choux: choux pastry (one of my favorite desert from when I was little)


Choux: cabbages


Why: n Co ?

Let’s be studious for a minute and learn a French grammar rule kids love in France.

Like in english, French adds “s” to nouns when plural.

If only French was this simple… Here is the rule I am talking about with Choux n Co:

Most nouns that end in –ou take –s in the plural. Excluding those ones ending with –x.

  1. bijoux (jewelry)
  2. cailloux (stone)
  3. choux (you know now)
  4. genoux (knee)
  5. hiboux (owls)
  6. joujoux (toys)
  7. poux (lice)


It exists many songs about this rule. It also is a symbol of my generation’s childhood nostalgy in France.

You now have the answer of Choux n CO. My favorite dessert and all the other nouns of a childish grammar rule!